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By Mary Lou Reedy Zimmermann, Past Regent Frances Chester White was born on March 3, 1833, in Hudson, NY. She was the daughter of Samuel Pomeroy White and Caroline Mary Jenkins, who was the daughter of Robert Jenkins, who built what is now our chapter’s beautiful home in 1811. Frances’ father was Samuel Pomeroy White, a surgeon from a very notable family. His father was also a doctor of eminence and several times the mayor of Hudson. Samuel was born Nov. 8, 1801, in Hudson. As a youth he went to Middlebury College in Middlebury, VT, and Union College in Schenectady, NY. Then, he studied two years at the University of New York and the University of Pennsylvania. At this point, his father called him home and felt he was suited to be his partner. In 1827, he attended at a case of gluteal aneurysm at which time he ligated the internal iliac artery. This was only the second time this operation had been attempted. Dr. White called this his “darling operation.” He was thus invited to be the chair of surgery and obstetrics in the Medical Institute, Berkshire, MA. In 1823, the Medical Society of the Country granted him an honorary diploma recognizing his high abilities. He coveted a wider field and three years later moved his family to New York City, where he was equally successful.